“Knowledge is Power & Sharing Knowledge is Sharing the Power”

Subject Experts are best source of knowledge. Researchers & Technical Enthusiasts are the one who continuously works on subject to add value to the existing knowledge on any subject. However, to bring all these stake-holders on a single platform is not an easy task but necessary one, to understand any subject in-toto. HABX.in is a one-point comprehensive platform, created under the leadership of group including multiple stake-holders like Hematology Experts, Pathologists, Hematologists, Microbiologists and Biochemists. Looking at various industry challenges & queries from laboratories & diagnostic experts, this platform is not just the static platform for the one way flow of information & content. This platform has been designed keeping in mind the interactive nature of our users and subject experts. Intellectual curiosity to explore & deliver critical, vital and important subject related enhancements and updates in research achievements by the scientists and researchers in the field of Hematology. In brief, it is a scientifically designed module-based interactive two-way communication platform to bring all the stake-holders involved in the industry i.e. manufacturer, Diagnostic product, treating clinicians, & Biomedical Engineers on a single line of thought.

Main Objectives:

This platform has multi-fold objectives. Each one has its own place in subject development in a comprehensive but holistic manner. Some of the main objectives kept in mind while developing this project are:

  • Single-point-of-contact for all types of stake-holders including healthcare organizations, consumers, users & manufacturers or marketers of Hematology.

  • Interactive platform for Researchers and Hematologists

  • Objective Platform for Laboratories & Hospitals to share their experience with hematology practice, personal experience, manual or analyzer based testing etc.

  • To promote hematology researchers & students to conduct research studies on the subject and submit their proposals. Also, they may approach for any kind of support they may require from the experts.

  • To share technical write-ups, scientific literature, useful videos & instrument or medical research advancement and its utility in real-time practice of the Hematology.

How You Can Be Benefitted

  • Share your real-time laboratory practice experience in the form article, write-up or special observation case study.

  • Submit your research proposal for conducting study in association with Industry Experts.

  • Ask for expert opinion on the subject and get clarified through authentic and reliable resources and sources available with us.

  • Talk or Express your findings on the Hematology or Laboratory practice on Hematology and share your unique observations in your population globally.

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